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About us

Shanghai Yxact Technologies Co., Ltd. was established in 2004. As a supplier of test and measurement instruments, we especially focus on mechanical test and measurement industry. Our company is supported by National Innovation Fund due to strong innovation and system integration capabilities.

The products and services we provide include:

- Strain gauge engineering services
- Customized load cells, force and torque transducers, etc.
- Digital amplifier for strain gauge based transducers
- Telemetry system for strain gauge measurement
- Test and measurement systems

We are sole distributor of UK Strain sensor manufacturers Applied Measurments Ltd(AML), German Data acquisition system manufacturers BMCM (BMC Messsysteme GmbH), German professional strain test system manufacturers ESA (ESA Messtechnik GmbH), UK engineering educational equipment manufacturers Feedback (Feedback Instruments Ltd.), UK strain gage manufacturers MFL (Micro - Flexitronics Ltd.), German vibration & noise test solution provider Woelfel (Woelfel Messsysteme Software) and so on.

Meanwhile, being an authorized agent of Honeywell (Sensotec&Lebow) products, we expand our product and application field of mechanical sensors and professional testing instrument, so that we can provide accurate and efficient engineering testing solutions.

We are able to fully grasp the test object on the basis of understanding the user’s testing purpose and work out training instructions to provide on-site application training and technical consultation for the tester.

The main products are as follows:

- Strain gauge and accessories
- Load cells, Force, Torque, Displacement and Pressure Transducers
- Accelerometers and gyros
- Data acquisition systems
- Air pressure, velocity and flow measurement instruments
-    Educational equipment and laboratory equipment

Good understanding of both local market and technology gives us energy to accelerate our business. Customer relationship is one of our most valuable resources. Our customers are located all around China in varies industries such as:

- Automotive
- Aerospace
- Railway
- Electronics
- Chemical
- Energy
- Civil engineering
- Universities and research institutes

Innovation drives us to develop continuously. We do expect our high end technology, product & service portfolio and good local market understanding will enable us to grow our business and enhance value for all stakeholders.

YES, here are Your Exact Solutions!

Contact Information
Add: Room 2906, South Tower, Fortune 108 Plaza, No.1839 Qixin Road, MinHang District, Shanghai, P.R. China
Tel: +(86) 21 6413 0559 / 6413 1091 
Fax: +(86) 21 6413 1091 
E-mail:   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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